Namaste! I’m Nisha, and my passion is to share all the benefits of yoga with you.


The Yoga for Children Series is for families, school teachers or carers to start enjoying the many aspects of yoga, either at home or at school. In doing so children have an opportunity to balance physical activity, their left and right side brain activity, allow for more creative expression and stay curious through the primary years using a number of different tools either together or individually.


The Children’s Series is inspired by all the vital elements in the natural world. It aims to ignite children’s imagination about the world we live in today and deepen their understanding of how everything works in harmony to teach us what we need to know.


Simple and engaging stories are used for yoga fun or can be read for pleasure. Through the four main characters, children can identify their own innate gifts to find their place in the world.

The characters each have a connection with the elements, and their names are derived from ancient sanskrit meanings: Pitu means nourishment, like the sun waking everything up and enabling us to see with clarity; Sruti means to listen deeply to essence likened to water, which runs to its truest depth when it is permitted to flow with ease; Aditi means limitless, like air and wind – the very source of inspiration; and Dhara means of the earth, steadfast and mighty.


About Pitu – Decisive and Courageous. Pitu stories are meant to inspire children with passion and purpose.

About Sruti Emotional and Deep. Shruti stories are meant to inspire positive emotions and self love.



About Aditi Curious and intuitive. Aditi stories are meant to inspire creativity, communication and questioning.

About Dhara – Peristence and Steadfast. Dhara stories are meant to inspire values and respect for all life on earth.


Story books

The stories of the vital four elements are entwined with stories of animals, plants and people to show us how to work together and sustain all life on the planet.



Practice some yoga postures that children can learn in the classroom or together as a family.



Play yoga games and engage in poses and affirmations for reflection and interactivity.


Colouring Book

Colour in all your favourite characters the way you want to, bring them to life or practice the poses.

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